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How to perform an access to a Firebird database in your hosting service

Our hosting provides a Firebird database service and after create it or upload you can perfome a access to this database.

Just follow these steps to connect the database:

First you need a database manager that support Firebird conections or some application for this, in this tutorial we are going to use Scriptcase.

Basically, these are the information you will need to perform a connection:

Host/Server address: You can use the domain or subdomain of your hosting service as a address.

Note: If you want to make a access from a application or framework, RAD like Scriptcase that is also hosted in your account you can use localhost( instead domain to optimize the connection.

Port: 3050

Path: The path until the .FDB file, Firebird databases created in the cpanel are located in /home/MainUserHere/firebird/yourDbFileHere.FDB

Username: The main user of your hosting service, usually called cpanel user, this user is also your Firebird user.

Password: The password of your Firebird user.

How to connect using a Database Manager:

Create a connection

Fill in the connection settings and save.

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