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  1. Files

    1. How to perform a publication in your hosting service
    2. How to connect a FTP account
    3. How to create a FTP account
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  2. JetBackup

    1. How to perform a database restoration with Jetbackup
    2. How to perform a restoration of Folder and Files with JetBackup
    3. How to perform a restoration of Email Accounts with JetBackup
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  3. Billing & Support

    1. First steps with the Hosting: access
    2. Getting Started with Hosting: Registration
  4. Databases

    1. Import a CSV file to MYSQL via PHPMYADMIN
    2. The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows; check your WHERE and use SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 or SET SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE=# if the SELECT is okay
    3. How to grant permission to a remote PostgreSQL access
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  5. Domains

    1. How to remove a domain or subdomain redirection
    2. How to redirect a domain or subdomain to any address or any page
    3. How to remove a Subdomain
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  6. Email

    1. Authenticate an email account in the Gmail WEB
    2. How to reset the password of your email account
    3. How to change the password of a email account
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  7. Metrics

    1. How to check Bandwidth Usage?
    2. How to check disk usage
  8. Security

    1. How to install Auto SSL certificate
    2. How to install SSL certificate
    3. How to protect a folder with username and password
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  9. Software

    1. How to install and access Scriptcase in your hosting account
    2. How to migrate your local Scriptcase to your hosting account
    3. How to select the main PHP version for your hosting service
  10. Advanced

    1. How to configure access to use HTTPS
    2. How to create a user-friendly URL
    3. Fixing files and folders permissions of your hosting service
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  11. Preferences

    1. How to change language of your cPanel
    2. How to change cPanel style theme
    3. How to update your contact informations
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  12. Softaculous App Installer

    1. How to install a application with Softaculous
    2. What is and how to access softaculous
  13. VPS and Dedicated Servers